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Section 137 Awards

At Full Council on 21st February 2022 the following Section 137 Grants and refusals where voting through,

'To approve the recommendations from the 3 appointed Section 137 Committee members;

  • Killamarsh Scout Group – requested further clarification as there seem to be a discrepancy between the bank statement and latest Treasurers Report, still awaiting a response.
  • Killamarsh Conservation Group – The request did not meet Section 5.2 of the Section 137 Policy (Projects that are the prime responsibility of other statutory authorities cannot be funded). It was noted that this money had been granted previously however, due to updated information from NEDDC, that they would remove any vegetation removed as part of their agreement with the Conservation Group free of charge, as its their land. It was determine that the project failed to meet the policy on this occasion.
  • Heritage Society – The grant request of £200 was granted.
  • Abbeydale Rotary Club – It was determined that the grant originally requested did not match the emailed request now received and as such, the application failed to deliver on the Section 137 Policy.'

Posted: Mon, 28 Feb 2022 11:21 by Admin

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