Serving the Community of Killamarsh

Here are some recently asked questions

I've spotted a pothole on a road. Who should I report it to?

Potholes are the responsibility of the Derbyshire County Council Highways department. You should report it directly to them.

A street light is out. Who should I report it to?

This should be reported to the Street Lighting department at Derbyshire County Council.

I've got a problem with my council house. Who should i contact?

Rykneld Homes on 01246 217670.

I've got a complaint about a Parish Councillor, how can I complain?

You can report this to the Monitoring Officer at NEDDC by completing the form below.

  • NEDDC Complaints Form (PDF, 424 Kb)

    For complaints regarding the conduct or behaviour of a Councillor under the Code of Conduct

Last updated: Wed, 06 Jun 2018 11:32